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    Stonick Recruitment Incorporated Rate Sheet

    This is a fee plus commission plan.  The stations pay a flat fee depending upon market size plus 10% of the new recruitment/retention dollars that are billed. The fee may be broken down into 4 equal payments beginning with the training date. After year one, the plan shifts to a straight 10% commission plan with no fee.  

    - $20,000 plus 10% commission on all new recruitment billing for markets 1-10
    - $15,000 plus 10% commission on all new recruitment billing for markets 11-50
    - $10,000 plus 10% commission on all new recruitment billing for markets 51 and smaller

    Expenses are additional and include: airfare on a major carrier; hotel; meals; parking; and ground transportation.

    *Clients will receive a 20% discount on the fees if they are paid in full at the time of the initial training session or before.


    "Recruitment" Description Page

    To all client stations:

    The following list constitutes what is considered "recruitment/recognition/retention revenue" gained by the media station(s):

    • help wanted ads on the radio
    • student recruitment for schools
    • grand opening recruitment
    • union membership recruitment
    • clinical laboratory recruitment of people for studies
    • plasma and blood donor recruitment
    • temporary, permanent, technical and contract placement agencies
    • open houses
    • career days
    • job fairs (both station events and company sponsored)
    • EOE/affirmative action recruitment
    • franchisee recruitment
    • employee recognition programs
    • retention programs
    • headhunters and search firms
    • vendor recruitment
    • leasing agents
    • Church membership recruitment
    • exported recruitment and retention business
    • web site recruitment pages

    According to contract, Stonick Recruitment Incorporated is paid on all these areas as long as they are "new" recruitment clients. A client is considered "new" if: 1) the have not been on the air in the last 12 months and 2) they continue to be considered "new" as long as Stonick Recruitment and the client station(s) are under contract, for as many years as we (Stonick Recruitment and the client station(s)) are under contract together. In essence, any newly developed recruitment and retention business remains "new" and is commissionable including clients that renew contracts during this negotiated period of time between Stonick Recruitment and the client station(s).

    By signing the agreement, along with the contract, you are stating that you have a clear understanding of what will be considered "recruitment advertising".


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