Recruitment and Retention Radio Advertising Placement

30+ years of radio and digital experience
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What do we do?

Analyzes Your Company and Your Openings

Analyzes the Radio Stations in Each Market of Interest

Negotiates the Rates With the Stations

Writes the Commercials

Places the Commercials

Why Recruit On The Radio?

By recruiting on radio and digital, you bring your message to the passive job seekers as well as the active job seekers. And by adding recognition/retention, organizations have the ability to lower turnover by 25% or more within 12 months

Why Stonick Recruitment?

when Stonick Recruitment Incorporated teams with your organization, interest goes much further than just filling openings. The copy of the message will also contain a strong PR message which in turn helps to increase employee morale, production, profitability and retention.

With over 70,000 radio recruitment/recognition/retention ads written, there’s no agency better suited to help you recruit for: employees, students, participants for clinical research or for staffing agencies.

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